Price Transparency: Quality for Less

Price has no relationship to quality

You provide quality care for your employees, but like any executive, you have limited resources. You are responsible for controlling costs and providing innovative solutions. You self-insure and are frustrated by the increasing cost of claims. Sometimes an MRI costs $1600. Sometimes the same MRI costs $700. It’s the same machine everywhere. Maybe it’s even the same doctor ordering the test! The costs continue to fluctuate but you console yourself with the thought that they all average out over time.

What if you could do better than average? What if your employees were motivated to find the $700 MRI every time? What if this were true of every diagnostic procedure – every knee replacement – every gastric bypass? You could provide the same quality care for your employees while significantly reducing your cost of claims!

I am your partner in employee benefits. I help you to identify the tools and services you need to empower your employees with pricing information for all of their significant healthcare decisions. Further, I help you design health benefits that motivate your employees to consider price without compromising quality.

To pay less for the very same services your employees are using today, give me a call to schedule an initial consultation. Our meeting will provide you with an impressive opportunity to affect the cost of claims in your organization.

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