Employee Participation: When Employees Succeed

You designed a creative and thoughtful wellness program. But the employees that needed it most never got involved. You paid for a disease management company to help your diabetic population, but the few that initially participated found the program to be invasive and unproductive. Every time you’ve attempted to improve the health of your workforce, the results have fallen short of expectations.

Employees benefit most from two things – Knowledge and Power. Knowledge – to know where and how to care best for themselves and their families. Power – to make healthcare decisions that are actionable and attainable.

I will help you to provide your employees with the knowledge they need to make the best healthcare decisions. I will also help you to design a plan that empowers and motivates employees to take action on those decisions.

To help your employees to get the most from your current health plan, call me today to schedule an initial consultation. We will discuss ideas and strategies to engage your employees to take a more active role in their own healthcare.

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